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"Emerge into a global player in effect pigment business"

  • Pursue new business opportunities for another leap forward
  • Improve competitiveness through mass production of alumina pearl
  • Present more choices for our customers with a diverse portfolio
    • We strive to identify problems facing us and find the right solutions.
    • We keep an eye on changing trends; we visualize our future and work hard to turn it into reality.
    • We pay attention to changes in our business environment, examine their impacts on us and seek for adequate responses.
    • We understand the concerns and difficulties of our customers; put customer challenges before our own arguments.
    • We always pay attention to difficulties facing our colleagues and put the whole mind to addressing them.
    • We understand and care about the situations others are in before talking about yours
    • We focus on the convenience of others than on ours in whatever we do.
    • We put the interest of our customers before ours; we commit ourselves to meeting customer demands although this may cause some personal sacrifice.
    • We endure minor disadvantage when it benefits many other members of our organization.
    • We happily deal with small personal inconveniences that prove helpful for the entire organization.
    • We strive to observe the code of ethics in everything we do.
    • We always avoid any unethical conducts and work actively on addressing them if any.